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September 30, 2012


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Hello Editor and Joe,I have become a real fan I've read every potnsig, and like many others, I eagerly await the next. Our son has a very similar story to Joe's in that he, too, never touched a soul, just looked at internet stuff. I guess he also downloaded something, which goes across state lines, making it a federal offense. They set up a sting operation, very similar to what Dateline used to do to catch actual predators. Five years in Federal system is what he's looking at. We have all learned a lot through this, and find great comfort in Joe's blogs. We email with our son through Corrlinks, and we have found that though we can't send pictures or attachments we can cut and paste articles. We are now sending numerous Joe potnsigs and we just wanted to let you know. His words are now getting into the hands of others in his shoes in the federal prison in Arizona our son prints and shares. I commented on a recent post as I sent it I called the McDonaldland post a little cheesy' for my taste. I thought I'd show you our son's response: You know, that whole McDonaldsland dream sequence may seem cheesy, but it might be one of those things like when Orwell wrote Animal Farm . The only way to encapsulate the absurdity and insanity of the experience of the legal and correctional system from the inside. I think this guy should write a parody or polemic type novel of some sort about the justice system. I think these two guys would really get along such similar personalities and now this prison thing in common. Oh yeah, and then the rest of their life full of challenges resulting from this. Both are strong young men and will do what is necessary to make it. Thanks for all the sharing. So appreciated!

I am hoping that people can see what the registry is doing to people. Once a person serves his/her prison time, parole, and therapy
there needs to be a way for a person to move on with their life. The registry does nothing to
prevent crime it only hurts families. Many of these families are having a hard time supporting their loved ones. The next generation of children are being hurt.


To the family of Russell Harding or to whomever is now the administrator of this blog - please shut this down immediately so that this pathological coward can no longer reach out from his grave and continue to hurt innocent people and their families. In a pathetically desperate attempt to remain relevant, Harding spun tall tales (often based on blatant lies, second- and third-hand exaggerations and delusions of having been party to meetings from which he had been purposefully excluded) for reporters or for anyone else with whom he might be able to continue to perpetuate his fraud under the guise of a mixture of brilliance and benign insanity. He bragged of manipulating media figures in high places and of receiving financial support from his family and that they would always enable him because they were worried he'd turn on them and reveal their own dark secrets. He was selfish and a coward to the end. He blogged lies about individuals and families he'd never known nor even met order to exact revenge against a relative with whom he worked and for one reason or another or even a perceived slight, angered him - which wasn't hard to do. He was gleefully proud of the fact that he was, for the most part, able to hide his violent temper from the press. This gave him great satisfaction as it empowered him as he moved forward and tried to make himself indispensible to them. He was - as predicted by those of us who were, in the beginning, kind to him and for whom he should have shown no malice - selfish and manipulative to the end. Do not feel sorry for Russell Harding. He was evil. He was evil long before he became a registered sex offender. For those of you who have legitimate arguments on the subject matter pertaining to employment of registered sex offenders, please do not pick Russell Harding as your poster boy. He is everything but. Wash your hands of this person and start a different blog devoid of his name or his manipulations will continue on from his grave. He wants you to believe that he was a victim and he wants you to forget that I was his victim.

For all of you who feel pity for this guy (as requested in his self-pity), know that he was a homosexual pedophile and a corrupt politician who was nasty, obnoxious, and narcissistic. There is a reason he had no friends. He invites your pity and your sympathy. He doesn't deserve it.

I'm a prison minister & I write at the moment about 15 inmates. The amount of men & women in prison that are unjustly incarcerated is exorbitant!! I can't understand how people can flat out lie & put someone away for years, maybe the rest of their lives, to endure such hardship & cruelty. Even one year is too much. I know God says vengeance is his, & I take solace in that. The registry condemns so many people to a walking death, even the best who hang in there are overcome at times to achieve even a small corner of peace. This is so sad. God rest your soul Rudy!

A friend of mine sent this suicide blog post and I'm now typing with tears in my eyes. I know nothing of this case and all I feel is the pain in Rudy's words. Two friends (one was a senior officer at my command and I worked for another as a volunteer for a now very well known politician) are now felons convicted of sex crimes.

Both were Citadel graduates and neither one of them actually meet with a minor. Furthermore, unlike many sexual offenders neither had any child pornography in there possession. Both are now live time registered sex offenders and both have found it nearly impossible to find gainful employment since their convictions.

One made the overt act of driving nearly 1000 miles to be with a 14-year-old girl. He didn’t spend a single night in jail and immediately got probation while the other drove through a park to meet a 14-year-old boy he was corresponding with and intended to meet. He served about 9 years and will be on probation for basically the rest of his life.

Both men struggled like Rudy and like thousands of men are listed at violent or dangerous sex offenders even when they have never touched a minor.

The cost of maintaining the various state sexual offender lists, the police monitoring and the false sense of security the community feels knowing that sexual criminals don't live in their town is false. I would much rather know which neighbors have multiple DUI's than know I have fourteen registered sex offenders living within five miles of my suburban home.

"I have to live with these awful lifetime restrictions that the Supreme Court has said are not punishments." The Supreme Court is just wrong. Living as a registered sexual offender is punishment greater than most can imagine. Even though recidivism of non-violent sex offenders is exceptionally low ( the punishment can and typically continues for life.

In Rudy's case, the life sentence was only to age 48 when he decided to end the persecution the Supreme Court has said isn’t a punishment.

He was such an hero, to take it all away. We miss him so, That you should know, And we honor him this day. He was an hero, to take that shot, to leave us all behind. God do we wish we could take it back, And now he's on our minds. Mitchell was an hero, to leave us feeling like this, Our minds are rubber, our joints don't work, Our tears fall into abyss. He was an hero, to take that shot, In life it wasn't his task, He shouldn't have had to go that way, before an decade'd past. Now he sits there in my heart, this hero of mine, Always there to make me smile, Make me feel just fine. He had courage, that boy did, courage in his heart. To take that shot, To end his pain, To tear us all apart. But in the end, he died in courage. Lacking, nevermore, He died an hero, Mitchell did, And we'll love him forevermore. We love you like an brother. We miss you so much. We will always love you, kid. Rest In Peace Mitch. ~Lila

It is truly an awful existence. Going through this with my husband I see his pain each day. He wants to help me provide for our family. Our 2 daughters pay the price as well. My husband is not on probation or parole but we live with the registration keeping us from living a full family life. We can go to church, parks, and anywhere we want, but when it's time to sleep we must sleep in a hotel. You see the state believes the world is safer knowing we live in a hotel, but during the day my husband is no harm to anyone. Those are their words not mine. Sad to think this man was alone. My husband would do the same if he didn't have me and our children. He lives only for us. He can't help us by providing food, but he smiles to cook it for us. I love my husband and will fight until the end that no other family has to live such a ridiculous life. God bless Rudy Veritas, you are finally free....RIP

I never knew this man. I had never heard of his despair until now. My heart breaks for his sadness and the life he was forced to live even after paying the price for his so called crime. The registry destroys people's lives and the lives of their families. This is an example of the lifelong punishment that our society has placed on some. I pray this man will be in heaven and I pray that our government will see the heartbreak they have created. I know there are victims. Being a victim myself I understand. I also know that you can never have peace until you offer forgiveness. This man was done wrong and people lied about him. God bless him and my God's wrath be on those that have wronged him.

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