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August 28, 2008


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I feel pretty ambiguous about what you are doing but like seeing my first dead body on the streets of Manhattan, if everyone is looking at it, why shouldn't I?

Good choice to leave Mrs. Giuliani out of the fray after your August 2008 posting.

Since you seem unaware or uninterested in disclosing her income at the time of the application, how should I know if she qualified or not for her rent-controlled apartment? Unethical, yes. Illegal? I cannot tell from the information you provided.

Finally, your insistence that you and the NYPD found Mrs. Giuliani's behavior "unclassy" does not resonate with me. She got those (sometimes really out-of-shape and I know that from personal experience not just TV)detective types to carry her bags and purse? Awesome. Free parking? Well-done. Pays herself what she is worth utilizing the hotel lobby shopping arena--why do you think those shops are there? Right on, sister. What is most impressive is who she is really the boss of at the end of the day and frankly, you just sounded like Cinderella's passed over stepsister in that post.

(Besides, if you have ever been closing up a bar and had undercover police come in, drunk already, demanding you stay open and proceeding to do lines and throw up in the bathroom which some hapless ex-con has to clean up for minimum wage the next day, then you know how unclassy the NYC police force can be at their VERY, VERY worse.)


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