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What will be funny is when the moral minority bolts over Mr 9-11 (could that be code for the nmuber of wives he plans on having?). When they return to the fold IMHO they will find that they will NOT be calling the shots anymore.

OMG...I didn't expect Edwards to drop out so soon. He is a good man, but Obama is what we need. Edwards is doing the right thing. Still, we have a long, hard road ahead of us. A very long and hard road.This is my last comemnt from the USA, Villager...going to spend a month in MY Motherland, Italy. Peace, Kat

PM you cannot for a moenmt believe that John Key came home to further enrich himself?There's more to self-interest than money. Key's interest is in being PM. He's fulfilled that ambition and will presumably find something else to do after this term. NZ is irrelevant to him otherwise, which is why he's spending his time as PM on photo ops and glad-handing celebrities.

PM you cannot for a mneomt believe that John Key came home to further enrich himself?I doubt he is making more than if he had stayed offshore.He is the first prime minister in my 20odd years here that looks to have sacrificed income to take on the job.My comment should not be interpreted as an endorsement of John Key.Giving Cullen a platinum parachute abruptly ended my bromance with our PM.

you aren't wrong there PM. Politicians manage to craete nice retirement positions or superannuation packages, not to mention the platitudes, which are essentially undeserved. Look at the people on NZ's top 20 list. Everyone of those politicians was just doing their job (irrespective of how well they did it or not), and were paid handsomely at the the then going rate, not to mention the ongoing lifelong support voted for themselves, so don't deserve to be on there. I would be the first to back up your call to block Key from entering that list, on the proviso all the politicians were removed from it.

that Romney's refusal to realese his tax returns would come back to bite him big time ... and it did in the SC Primary.Romney forgot the first rule of politics ... the need to be proactive rather than reactive ... and now he is left playing catch-up politics .. never a good thing.It is not his wealth that is at issue. He could have turned his success into electoral advantage ... 'We should celebrate success. It is the American dream and give me a chance and I will make you (America) wealthy too' ... or suchlike. He has squandered that chance. He is playing the Washington outsider vs the Washington insider card and how that that will resonate remains to be seen.But I continue to be amazed that the GOP sees Romney and Gingrich as quality candidates. They are to the Republicans much like Goff was to Labour and Peters to National before be jumped/pushed.On current form I fear that Obama will win at a canter.Mike Huckerbee ... where are you?

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I am deeply saddened to read in today's NY Times that Russell Harding has taken his life. I hope he finds the peace he was looking for in the next life.

You will be missed.

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Steve: First, it's Russell or RAH; please don't call me Ray. The NYCHA 10 mill outside consultant evaluation would, on the federal level, initiate hearings and a DOJ investigation. It's serious shit. But because this is Bloomberg's NYCHA, the NYT and the NYC Council will ignore this. It's the very definition of a scandal. Just the mere fact that they could/would spend $10 Mill on this outside consultant's report is mindboggling. Not to mention that NYCHA is broke and deeply in debt. In short, it's a major scandal that appears to go nowehere. The real question every NYer and every reporter should ne asking is where is DOI?? The answer, as I have written many times, is that DOI for all its bluster, never investigates Bloomberg appointees. And in the rare case - Martha Stark - they make sure not to send to US Atty, where they send everything else, but to the Man. D.A. Sad, but just that simple.


Mr. Harding,

Will you contact me at

The structural problem with 'investigative' journalism is that if their is no scandal, they have no story. It is more troublesome if they have taken a considerable advance from a book publisher and have to produce something. That has been Seymour Hersch's dilemma, again and again.

Hoping your mother and father are well.

regarding that whole NYPD "off duty" hiring stuff, check out:

KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING. I would have paid for the book - I still will if you write it.

Never thought a Gay Guy would be my newest hero. Before that it was Mickey Mantle and Joe D.

Your 3/13/09 post about NYPD "overtime" for the TD Bank assignments has a paralell in NJ where municipalities give out "overtime" assignments to police to provide "traffic control" whenever utility work is done in the roadway. It is touted as billed to the utility, but no one has ever answered my questions about how it effects pension calculations. By the way, these are suburban cops whose base is close to $100,000/year.
Another incidental fact-- if it is a municipal crew working in the street, i.e., town sewer or water department, they don't get the traffic control protection!

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